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Entry #2

The walking madness

2012-06-25 22:58:27 by vacadecasa

"The walking madness"

September 12, 2012, a Viruz awake after the 3rd world war. the world is a mess, and not enough resources to find a vaccine.
the U.S. government tries to find a vaccine by forsosos experiments with infected patients.
take desperate measures and exterminion health.
one month after the collapse of the world, after the fall of the Internet and the media, an emergency transmission is heard around the world.
transmicion reports the military found a refuge on the outskirts of los angeles, united states of america.
infection is uncontrollable ...
vaccine is not optional ....
chaos is the least ....
survival is the only thing that matters ..
Who succeeded in emerging with activity of the damn place?

* jame
* Alex
* Nico
* luis
* Jennifer
* Samantha
* Samuel
the wlking madness (the movie) capter one

The walking madness


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